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EU Project - FET-Open

PHENOMEN - a new FET-Open Project to generate all-optical phononic circuits enabled by optomechanics. This project is at the intersection of photonics, radio frequency signal processing and phononics, aiming to achieve an all-optical phononic circuit using coherent phonons as the state variable. The concept is based on cavity optomechanics (OM) to develop GHz- frequency in-chip phononic circuits for room temperature operation.

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Bonding Analysis

What is the common point between a semiconductor laser, a high efficiency LED and a SOI substrate? For all these devices, the realization requires a “wafer bonding” step during which the active part of the device is transferred to a substrate which differs from the original one. A key point during that process is the quality of the bonding. Here we show that APiC technology offers a unique way to control the bonding with no contact and in a non destructive way.



EMRS Spring - Lille (France) from May 2 to 6

E-MRS now has more than 4,000 members from industry, government, academia and research laboratories, who meet regularly to debate recent technological developments of functional materials. The E-MRS differs from many single-discipline professional societies by encouraging scientists, engineers and research managers to exchange information on an interdisciplinary platform, and by recognizing professional and technical excellence